Dressing Your Dog For The Winter Season


Can Dogs Get Colds? Absolutely They Can!

When most folks think of dog clothes, they think of an adorable Chihuahua dressed in stylish and trendy apparel and other small dog breeds. While dog clothes do offer attractiveness and style, it is also important for many reasons. The following are some of those reasons where dog clothes are absolutely necessary. One of the most debated topics is can dogs get colds with their thick fur coats or it it just a pure fashion statement.

Dogs can contact the same viral conditions as we do in adverse weather conditions, the flu and common cold which can be more dangerous in dogs. As we protect ourselves with clothes that keep us warm, especially when we walk our dog in cold weather, our dogs also need clothes to weather the ice, snow and winds of winter.

As you know, the world’s climate is changing at a rapid pace. We are facing a warmer summers and colder winters. The winter weather in many parts of the world encounter freezing temperatures, and this makes it difficult for dog lovers to walk their dogs. Fortunately, many companies are solving this issue, and are designing dog clothes to keep our furry friend warm.

terrier in winter
Nice and warm!

Practical benefits of Dog Clothes

One of the main reasons our dogs need clothes is that the clothes provide small and large dogs protection against the cold. During those long winter months, the strong cold is just uncomfortable and dangerous for dogs as it is for human. Dogs that put on a coat or jacket feel much better, and can withstand a longer walk. This is particularly useful for small dog breeds. Anyone with a shivering Chihuahua can confirm this.

Additionally, dog clothes can go a long way in protect our dogs from scratches, injuries and bad weather. Protective dog wear is normally used by law enforcement and military service to protect dogs from both the environment and attacks.

Small Dogs are more prone towards heat loss
Some small dogs react more towards cold weather than larger breeds. For example, the Yorkshire Terrier and Chihuahua are just not adapted to live in cold climates, and as such, it is better to help keep them safe and warm with clothing. A Simple sweatshirt can be a valuable tool to achieve this.

Let’s be clear, although dog clothes are not only for small dogs or hairless pups, larger dogs such as Boxers, Dobies, Labradors  breeds can also benefit from dog clothes. Can dogs get colds? Yes they can, and this is why its important to invest in winter attire.

terrier pink shirt
Both Fashionable and Practical

Preventing Skin Cancer From the Sun

Another major reason for dog clothes can be seen during the hot and bright summer days. Just like humans many dogs are susceptible to skin cancer. In addition, skin cancer is the most common cancer among dogs. Dog clothes like shirts can help protect against harmful UV rays. It is also recommended to place sun block on any uncovered dog skin.

Finally, dog clothes can show your pet’s personality, people wear clothes to show their personality, why shouldn’t your furry friend? Whether he is flirtatious, tough, sassy or smart, have him dress and people will admire your pet.

Burnt Like Toast
Burnt Like Toast, I Don’t think so!

Final Thoughts

As a dog owner myself, I plan on making sure my corgi is well bundled up for the 2018-2019 winter season. I have my eye on a nice winter jacket and a set of booties to protect his cute little feet. I personally recommend dog owners to look at dog apparel with a perspective of practicality this season.

Feel free to explore our store. Get yourself equipped this upcoming winter season, and your dog will smile like James!

James the Corgi
Say Cheese!  – James Our Corgi

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