Top 5 Dog Grooming Tips For This Winter


 Top 5 Dog Grooming Tips

Winter is approaching, and before you decide to let your dog jump into the snow and start running about, There are some considerations to think about to keep your fluffy companion warm and happy. Get ready for the best tips this season! This article will prepare you on how to groom your dog for this 2018 winter season.

Dog Grooming
Nice and clean!

1.      Regular Bath Times Are A Must.

It is a common misconception that dogs do not need to bathe regularly when it comes to winter as it may be too cold for your dog. This is a wrong assumption, because when dogs head out to play in the snow, there may be dirt or particles that get trapped onto the dog’s coat. By reducing regular bathing times, your dog may start to smell or even be prone towards infection. We urge all dog owners to bathe your dog on a weekly schedule. Just ensure your dog is well dried before you proceed to let them play.

Dog Wash Sprayer
Getting Rid of the Grime 🙂

2.      Shaving Your Dog? Don’t Do It!

When it comes to the coldest season of the year, it is often perplexing why owners want to shave their dogs.  A common misconception is that believe that they can possibly reduce the dirt on their dogs by shaving them down. You should not shave your dogs at all, let alone during winter. More often, the coats on dogs serve a dual purpose. The first purpose is to keep them warm during winter, and the second is to keep sunlight and dirt away from your dog’s skin. Owners who decide to shave their dog during this time will devoid them of their protective cover!

If you really need to get the dog’s overflowing mane kept in check, you can always opt to trim it, but never to shave it!

Thick Coat Winter
A Thick Coat makes it Nice and Warm!

3.      Brush often.

During the winter season, it can be easy for your dog’s coat to accumulate trapped dirt in their fur or to have their hair all tangled up. By combing regularly, you can remove a considerable amount of foreign particles as well as removing mats and tangles. An added benefit to brushing is that it can also make your dog’s coat appear in pristine condition by allowing their natural oils provide a nice sheen over their body.  Regular brushing keeps the dog’s skin moisturized, which is equally important to ensure a happy and healthy pup! Another benefit in regards to regular brushing, allows you monitor for bumps or infection. By following these simple steps your doggy will be happy and healthy!

Winter Dog Groomed
Looking Great Indoors and Outdoors. Keep Brushing!

4.      Maintaining coat and paws

In terms of maintaining the best coat, the usage of a good brush and quality shampoo is essential. For the case of paw maintenance, owners need to know it is quite easy for foreign particles to get trapped in between the dog’s paws. Any of the lodged particles will be able to cause discomfort for dogs. The Reason for this is because sometimes dogs decide to scratch objects in response to having longer nails. It is ideal to monitor the length of your dog’s nails and trim them regularly. When you trim your pup’s nails regularly there is a lower chance for your pup to pick up foreign particles that get stuck to their paws.

Clean Paws
Clean Paws are Happy Paws!

5.      Important For All Types Of Dogs: Monitoring For Fleas

Not many people know this, but fleas thrive during the winter. Regardless of the types of dogs that you own, these pests would love to cling onto your dog’s coat during cold weather. Think about it about it for a second. Fleas see your dog as a giant heat sponge! These critters love to hide in thick coats, and your dog’s fur provides the ideal habitat for survival. We advise all dog owners to regularly check their dogs for these pesky critters.

Itching Dog
If you see your dog Itching… Inspect!

Final Thoughts

            Regular Grooming will enable your pup to stay warm, healthy, and happy. By following these simple tips, you will be able to provide everything your pup needs to be prepared for a winter season. Feel free to take a look at our store for winter jackets and boots for your pup. We have added our line for the 2018 winter season and we know it will keep your dog warm, dry, and stylish! Finally, we have made a selection of our hottest grooming products for 2018. We have tried and tested these products for months and these our real winners that will streamline your grooming process. This concludes our easy tips for dog grooming this winter season. Feel Free To take a look at our store for the hottest doggy apparel and our personal picks for the best grooming gadgets of 2018.

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Happy Dog
Your are now equipped! Happy Holidays from the My Doggie Shoppe Family!

Hottest Dog Grooming gadgets of 2018

Easy Grooming Gloves

We chose this product because it enabled us to turn a chore into a casual pastime. These grooming gloves allow you to pet your dog naturally while simultaneously allowing you to remove old fur. It utilizes ou natural instinct of petting to groom excess fur off your pet. Most owners enjoy petting their dogs, and this will come natural to you. Your dog will be extremely relaxed when you use this product. Your furry pal will view the experience as a great massage!

Easy Grooming Gloves

Portable Dog Wash Sprayer

Portability was in mind when we chose the dog wash sprayer as one of the best grooming products in 2018. We love this products because it can be used with virtually any bathtub or sink. The rubber grommet creates a tight seal and can turn any basin into a full service dog wash area. Our favourite perk with this device is that you can take it anywhere due to its portability. You can keep one in your car, in the luggage, and anytime you need to travel somewhere. The options are endless with this device!

Portable Dog Wash Sprayer

Upholstery Brush for Pet Dander

As the holiday Season is approaching, we decided to choose a product that will impact your guests. Most dog owners understand that are pets regularly shed. They can shed a lot at times! We chose this product, because it is one of the best furniture gadgets for dog owners. This amazing upholstery system allows you to quickly remove hair from cushions and other upholstery in one swooping motion. The best part of this product is that it has its own self-cleaning system which will collect all the fur in one bundled up area. Your guests will be amazed they can’t find any form of shedding fur in your home!

Upholstery Brush for Pet Dander

Here is an article  that describes why it is best to avoid pet dander in your home.

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